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Филателизмом увлекается огромное множество людей, однако, мало кто знает имена наиболее выдающихся филателистов-владельцев огромных коллекций. Как правило, среди наиболее крупных ...

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Up-to-date system which really works !
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25.04.2020 13:39


Intistele - wide-scale system which could provide solution for many issues. The tool helps to transfer information without difficulty.

Main part

According to the quick pulse of our life and especially willing to gain time - many of us select bulk texting as long as this way of communication is the fastest and the most comfortable for modern people. .

+ and -

The usage of bulk texting has a lot of pros. For example:

Speed of delivery. A fast solution to send messages is about the IntisTele app. The era of messenger and fax are things of the past.

In modern world texting is one of the most reliable means of having virtual conversation.

Concerning disadvantages of such way of communication could be the lack of guarantees, that written bulk texting will be delivered to the receiver.

The average time of message distribution is from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are settled possesses network coverage).


What opportunities are accessible for departments and industries?

Department Solutions

Each organization challenge such concept as optimization of every single operation. It should be done to satisfy client's needs.

SMS software is a beneficial solution for departments. It is a choice for all.

Bulk texting system considered to be a useful weapon for achieving each of marketing goals. For instance:

You are welcome to share information concerning special services of your web account. You are able to personalize each SMS and form it unique.

In case of of statistics thanks to SMS software campaigns.

SMS could become an inherent part in the department`s everyday routine. SMS could help:

In importing data to XLS or CSV just with one click.

Specified logs and online statistics will keep you posted about last activity and sub-account performance.

Software engineers can integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

By virtue of the option it is possible to send multiple  bulk texting, update contact database.

Not restricted by time testing access to IntisTele messages software gives permission for debugging your unique operating program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Ruby.

IntisTele plugins and widgets are created to smooth integration of most major CMS (Joomla).

Bulk texting commands are good for sysadmins because they could do remote administration and server management.

Inform on time about the alerts.

You do not necessary need internet access, because all servers can be provided by SMS commands.

Business owners also could systematize the employees' workflow because of a bulk texting system. Moreover, there are a lot of solutions which are provided for business people.

Define tasks for your colleagues.

Receive feedback from customers via SMS software.

IntisTele service is available for everyone. Here it is possible to get acquainted recognizable web interface, variant of payment action that will match every wallet and a very attractive affiliate program. With bulk texting software:

Users able to use Skrill in process of working with SMS software..

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is suitable for transport. Bulk texting system solves a issues of different spheres in various industries.

It is a excellent solution for e-commerce. With SMS service exists an opportunity to set up notifications concerning offers.

You can apply bulk texting software into the transport actions, for example transportation companies.

Bulk texts software considered to be the best solution advance travel and transport operations and make clients have a better experience in the time of their journeys.

Bulk texting is a decision for startups and IT. This integration is crucial for SaaS.

SMS alert to provide safety. It is applicable for satellite tracking.

SMS software prices

It is no big deal to refill the balance and establish the budget which you can provide. Intis Telecommunication could offer numerous ways to fund the balance. For example, Skrill.


In case you have any additional questions about the program and the principles of working process, do not zoom back and forth to attend IntisTele FAQ.

SMS guidelines

Make SMS targeted. Divide the database into separate categories by age.

Since this moment you can deliver offers only to people who show an interest in service.

Integrate call-to-action into your bulk texting mail-outs. Your text should include information which will inspire the user make a move. For reaching the desired outcome, you have to leave a link to the website.

You should provide all the necessary conditions for clients to visit and then it is more likely to reach conversion rates.

Do not forget to say your name. Do not hesitate to specify your name right at the beginning of the text message. This technique will attract needed attention to your SMS and make the message special. Customers will always know organization which addresses them.

Write brief and clear . The worst things you could do for your bulk texting newsletter is long texts.

The plenty of text in your message can make the customer avoid it rather than view. The compact message is significant to great conversions.

Source: https://www.intistele.com/





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